Mercedes rushed to check F1 rules as Max Verstappen crowned double world champion


    Mercedes checked the FIA rule book after Max Verstappen clinched his second F1 crown, according to Ted Kravitz. The Sky Sports F1 pundit revealed Red Bull’s rivals got involved in checking the rules despite them not being involved in the championship battle. 

    Kravitz said: “There was an incredible scene on this Red Bull pit wall. 

    “While all the engineers and mechanics were running up the pit lane, Max Verstappen’s own team manager Jonathan Wheatley was reading the rules to check the interpretation that Formula One had done that actually made Max Verstappen world champion. 

    “I can tell you that Mercedes were also doing exactly the same thing. They were trying to work out, hang on, what is this interpretation of the rules of resuming a race that means full points are awarded. 

    “It means by extension that Max Verstappen is world champion. It took Mercedes about as long as it did take Red Bull themselves to figure out it is the case. And because the wording is a ‘resumption of the race means full points’ that we can finally say that Max Verstappen is the 2022 world champion.”


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