Mexico earthquake: 'Apocalyptic' scenes as night sky turns BLUE with mystery flashes


    At least one person has been killed after the powerful earthquake struck Mexico. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said a 7.0 magnitude quake struck 11 miles northeast of the resort of Acapulco, Guerrero, in the early hours of Wednesday. The US tsunami warning centre issued an alert following the quake, saying hazardous waves were possible within 185 miles (300km) of the quake site.

    That threat is now believed to have passed.

    But horrifying footage shows the moment disaster struck, with mysterious blue lights seen flashing across the sky.

    Multiple videos posted on social media captured the “apocalyptic” scenes unfolding.

    One user wrote: “The videos from the earthquake in Mexico look apocalyptic.

    “Why is the night sky turning blue? Looks like War of the Worlds.”

    Another added: “Pitch black city streets illuminated by bright blue flashes.”

    And a third stated: “Mysterious blue flashes are lighting up the sky in Mexico.”

    Some claimed the bizarre phenomenon was caused by electricity cables “exploding” from the impact, but there has been no official confirmation yet.

    The quake shook the hillsides around Acapulco, causing trees to fall and throwing large boulders onto the road.

    Hector Astudillo, the governor of Guerrero state, which is home to Acapulco, said one person died after they were hit by a post, but there were currently no reports of serious damage.

    In Mexico City, 230 miles away, the quake caused the ground to shake for nearly a minute in some parts of the capital.

    Terrified residents rushed outside as the power was shut down.

    Reports said residents were uddled together in the rain, holding young children or pets, too worried to return to their homes in the dark.

    Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the temblor had not caused major damages in Guerrero, the neighbouring region of Oaxaca, Mexico City and elsewhere.

    The country’s civil defence agency said it was conducting reviews for the safety of residents and damage in 10 states.

    Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said there were no immediate reports of significant damage in the capital.

    Yesmin Rizk, a 70-year-old Roma Sur resident, said: “It was terrible.

    “It really reminds me of the 1985 quake every time something like this happens.”

    Bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Mexico is one of the most seismically active places in the world, sitting atop five tectonic plates including three big ones.

    On September 19, 1985, a magnitude 8.1 quake in Mexico City killed more than 10,000 people and destroyed hundreds of buildings.

    On the anniversary of that earthquake in 2017, a magnitude 7.1 quake left about 370 people dead, mainly in the capital.


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