Michael Ball weight loss: Singer made 2 easy changes to diet to slim down to ideal weight



    Michael Ball will appear on Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel tonight at 8pm, alongside fellow celebrity guests Tom Allen, Lulu, Maisie Smith, Anita Rani, and Raj Bisram. Viewers will be reminded of the singer’s recent weight loss journey, leading to his current slim frame. But how did he achieve his goal weight?

    “The energy on stage is great.”

    Like many actors and TV personalities, Michael said seeing himself onscreen motivated him to lose weight.

    He said: “I was doing some summer gigs and we’ve got enormous screens on either side of the stage.

    “I looked up and thought ‘I’m not happy with the way that looks’.

    He said: “The best tip is to have five hours between each meal.”

    Drinking a lot of water is also key to feeling fuller for longer, decreasing your chance of wanting to snack.

    But for slimmers who find it difficult to avoid snacking, experts have shared which foods are the healthiest options.

    According to Dr Michael Mosley, a handful of nuts is a good choice.

    He said: “I try to avoid snacks generally but if I do occasionally indulge, it might be on something reasonably healthy like a handful of nuts.

    “My wife Clare makes these wonderful sugar free chocolate brownies that contain beetroot and dates.

    “They are pretty hard to resist but thankfully, they’re guilt-free.”

    The doctor added: “I try and drink plenty of water throughout the day and I avoid sugary drinks.

    “I might add a slice of lemon or cucumber to my water to liven it up.”


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