MOT garages 'unprepared' for electric cars – drivers may need to wait 'weeks' for checks


    Jonathan Barbera, Managing Director of Parkers MOT garages do not have enough qualified staff or the right technology to work on electric vehicles. He warned “hundreds” of garages did not have access to a single electric vehicle technician meaning EV owners could not visit them for repair work.

    Mr Barbera stressed many EV owners would need to get their car checked at main dealerships.

    He warned this would push vital repair work back by “weeks and weeks” as work could not be spread across many different garages.

    Although he said electric cars are “amazing” from an environmental perspective, he has fears over how the new technology could impact drivers and the sector.

    Speaking exclusively to, he said: “Infrastructure wise it doesn’t work across the UK.

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    It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, I know hundreds of garage that haven’t got a single electric vehicle technician trained.

    “We haven’t got the charging station let alone the technicians to work on it.

    “It will all be on the main dealers , the people who sell the cars to maintain them.

    This can take weeks and weeks and weeks [to book a check].”

    Mr Barbera said a new financial package from the Government will allow garages to dedicate some extra funds to training up more technicians.

    He has started a petition calling for the Government to issue an action plan and offer financial support for the motor trade for 2022 and beyond.

    His petition has received over 1,500 signatures with 10,000 needed for an official response.

    Speaking to, Mr Barbera added: “The Government needs to stop and think before they push EV’s too far.

    “They need to support the motor trade and give businesses grants and discounts off training.

    “They need to do it in a way in which a proportion of the money has to be used for training.

    “I have one member of staff which I want to send for EV training but for me it’s a matter of timing.

    “It’s like becoming an electrician, you do the training and then you have to get it validated.

    “It’s a long term cost and as the technology improves and changes it will need further training.”

    The DVSA told “DVSA’s priority is helping everyone keep their vehicle safe to drive.

    “DVSA keeps the MOT under review to see where improvements can be made. All changes are made in consort with DfT, and will involve consultation.”


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