Mother mistakenly told her baby had an STI and 'thought her husband was cheating'


    A mum was shocked to assume her husband had cheated on her after being given a false diagnosis that her sick newborn baby had tested positive for gonorrhoea. Jenna Barnes, 43, was mistakenly told by a midwife that her newborn had the sexually transmitted infection after she took her baby boy to a hospital for a check-up.

    Jenna, a lingerie and costume designer, from Manchester, was alerted when her newborn’s eyes got swollen, so she took him to the hospital for checks, and medical staff took swab samples of the baby’s eyes.

    The mum-of-four told the Mirror: “They swabbed his eyes and told me they would call me back with the results.”

    On the same day, a midwife called Jenna to deliver the news: “The midwife asked: ‘Have you been tested?’ and I said: ‘For what?’

    “She told me: ‘It’s coming up that your baby has gonorrhoea.’ I was gobsmacked when she told me – I was lost for words.

    “I instantly started googling the illness and knew having sex was the only way of contracting the disease.”

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    If the baby, named Fletcher, had the infection, that would mean that it was passed on to it by his mum, who could only have contracted it through sexual intercourse.

    So Jenna, knowing she is faithful in her marriage, confronted her husband Chris, 45, who is the frontman of a tribute rock band and had been on a tour at the time.

    Jenna said: “I have complete trust in my husband but when a medical professional tells you have tested positive for an STI, you don’t question it.

    “Strangers always grill me and ask how I cope with Chris being in a band and on tour where there’s so much temptation.

    “Up until that moment, I had never doubted his loyalty once. I still trusted him 100% but did start to think what on earth had gone on.”

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    After revealing the diagnosis to her husband, he told her: “How the f**k has that happened? I know you’ve not done anything, you’re at home with four kids.”

    Even their son, George, 13, reportedly said: “You know dad would never cheat, he won’t even go to a strip club.”

    Jenna added: “Chris is more into tea and slippers than coke and strippers.”

    She even pleaded with Chris and said: “Look if you have been unfaithful, I don’t mind, I just need to know the truth. As soul mates, I’d like to think we would work through infidelity together.”

    Thankfully, the midwife soon visited Jenna and let her know of her mistake, giving her the correct diagnosis and making her feel relieved.

    Jenna described the event: “She said: ‘Oh no I’m sorry, I read it out as positive instead of negative.’ I was relieved and I wasn’t angry at all, but that’s because I’m the most laid-back person, Chris and I both are.

    “Chris was also relieved and his whole tour bus had been teasing him about the saga. I was relieved for myself, my husband and most of all our baby.

    “I was so worried because I had read online that gonorrhoea can cause blindness. I’m such a chilled-out person so the midwife was lucky she had done it to me and not somebody else.”

    Luckily, the newborn had a simple eye infection that can be treated with antibiotics and eye drops.

    East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “ELHT are extremely apologetic for the oversight, sharing the incorrect result primarily although promptly rectified.

    “This was a case of human error. We are glad mother and infant are both thriving and send them our best wishes for the future.”


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