Mum transforms tiny garden using ‘free pallets’ and bargain finds in ‘budget makeover’



    Furnishings & accessories

    The outdoor space includes lots of bright colours from cushions and lights.

    But despite how expensive they look, Rachel managed to bag some bargains from a plethora of retailers.

    Her flamingo cushions are from TK Maxx and cost her just £20.

    The “welcome” cushion was just £6 and the floor cushions were £15 each from B&M.

    The lanterns were £25 from Lights4Fun and the globe lights were £30 for three from eBay.

    Rachel’s festoon lights were also from B&M and cost her just £15.

    The chill sign was from Facebook Marketplace and cost her just £3 per letter and was made from artificial glass.

    Rachel continued: “The green cushion on the hanging chair came from Home Bargains for £6, and the white seat pad cushions were gifted.

    “The stop lights around the fence came from ASDA for £8 and the large bulb lights from eBay were 3 for £33.

    “The pallet cushions came from eBay. They were pricey, but the cheapest I could find of a good quality came to £122 in total.

    “I made the pink and grey cushions and I made the macramé lights using solar bulbs from B&M – they were three for £5.

    “I learnt basic macramé knots off YouTube. I do need to redo them this year though as the lights have filled with water!”


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