'My wife will kill me!' Man spends £3,500 making Liz Truss dog toys – only for PM to quit


    A man spent £3,500 making hundreds of Liz Truss dog toys, only to be left stunned when the Prime Minister resigned after lasting just 44 days in the job. On Thursday, Ms Truss announced on the steps of 10 Downing Street that she was stepping down from her position following a chaotic six weeks in charge. David Farquharson came up with an idea to make Boris Johnson dog toys but changed his mind when the Conservative Party leader announced his resignation in early July.

    Mr Farquharson, originally from Somerset but now living in London for seven years, paid close attention to the subsequent Tory leadership race and after realising Ms Truss was the hot favourite to win, decided to “get ahead of the curve” and turn his attentions to her instead.

    He found a factory in China to make the Ms Truss squeaky dog toys and sent samples there following rigorous testing on his own dog, but the Prime Minister resigned before he even received the first shipment.

    But he has seen the funny side and told Express.co.uk: “I decided to get ahead of the curve and would get Liz Truss dog toys designed because I thought it would be funny. I thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if a dog could play politics too?

    “I put together a design, found a factory in China to make them and was getting them made but now I can’t believe what has happened – before I have even received the first shipment – that she is going to be out of office.

    “She lasted longer than one dog year as well, which is hilarious.”

    He explained it took two weeks to get designs finalised and another three weeks to get the samples made, after which is own dog played with them for a further few weeks to ensure they were “dog-proof”.

    It was then going to take 45 days for the first shipment to arrive and are due to arrive in the first week of November.

    Overall, he has spent £3,500 on this, with the shipment costs of the dog toys from China to the UK costing a further $1,000.

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    He added: “I thought it would make a good Christmas dog toy for when Liz Truss was Prime Minister, so challenge accepted.”

    However, despite how this chain of event has played out, David has not ruled out making dog toys of the new Prime Minister, who will be in place before the end of next week.

    Boris Johnson has been touted as being a shock runner in the Tory leadership race, while Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt will also likely be leading contender.

    When asked if he could make dog toys of the new Prime Minister, he replied: “I’ve still got hope so let’s wait and see with how the Tories are doing at the moment and the UK economy extrapolating.

    He joked: “David Cameron lasted five years, Theresa May two years, Boris a little less and Liz Truss 44 days, so the next Prime Minister only probably has around 22 days ahead of them.

    “I’ll just see how the Tory leadership election plays out and go from there.”


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