Mystery surrounds Royal helicopter visit as Princess Anne named as possible sighting

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Rumours circulated in the afternoon as the Royal helicopter landed in a city sports field. Video shows the burgundy chopper hovering before reorienting itself and landing beside Lockleaze Sports Centre.

Resident Lucas Amorim captured the footage ahead of The Gloucestershire Awards in Adversity for 2021, set to be held inside the sports facility.

A few days before the 5pm event, award winner Nels Kitchen shared that a “special VIP guest” would be attending.

In a Facebook post, the catering company said: “Nels Kitchen (myself and my husband Nick) have been nominated and selected as a winner of Gloucestershire Awards in Adversity 2021, in relation to the work we have carried out during COVID, specifically in relation to the food and deliveries we produced in relation to school meals.

“We would like to thank everyone involved in helping us to make this happen!

“We are attending an award ceremony on Wednesday in our finest attire lol as we will be meeting a special VIP Guest (haven’t a clue who)!!!!”

When asked later whether the mystery guest was the Princess Royal, they appeared to confirm it was the case, writing: “Yes, our VIP guest was Princess Anne.”

Eyewitnesses believe they saw Princess Anne exiting the helicopter.

The strikingly similar woman wore a yellow and grey outfit and carried a black purse.

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The awards page states: “During unprecedented times, GRFU wanted to recognise those who have gone above and beyond since last March, to engage their team/club members, support the wider community and/or initiate and support fundraising.

“We thank all those who nominated and are pleased to list this year’s nominations.”

The royal chopper, known as the Queen’s Helicopter Flight, is part of the Royal Travel Office at Buckingham Palace and is normally based at RAF Odiham. has approached the Royal Family for comment.

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