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Nearly half of adults want to cycle more – to cut money spent on fuel


Not only this, nearly half want to cycle more than they currently do – with 30 percent excited to rediscover the joy of cycling, while one in three (34 percent) want to reduce their carbon footprint.

In fact, 44 percent want to get on two wheels more so they can incorporate more exercise into their routines, and 40 percent want to use it as an opportunity to get more fresh air.

The research was commissioned by Chain Reaction to mark the launch of “Wreck’d n Repaired” – a pop-up which aims to help inspire cycling joy and restore pre-loved bikes.

Huw Crwys-Williams, CEO at the online cycling retailer, said: “We are setting out to help people get back on two wheels.

“There’s nothing quite like a trusty old bike full of memories, so our team of experts will be ready to reunite owners with that unrivalled feeling of riding a bike, and the epic adventures that lie ahead.”

The study also found, of those who haven’t cycled in the last 12 months, nearly one in five (18 percent) blamed a lack of confidence, while one in 20 haven’t found the time to repair their old bike.

But 48 percent of adults would like to cycle more than they currently do – even if that means learning to ride a bike in the first place.

In fact, two in five bike owners (40 percent) have one lying dormant in their garage or shed waiting to be dusted off – with a quarter (23 percent) of all adults preferring to restore a trusty old bike than buy a new one.

Of the bike-owners polled, 36 percent said theirs isn’t currently “roadworthy” – but 89 percent of these believe it only needs a few minor tweaks to make it safe to ride again.

But, for those who can ride a bike, 51 percent feel they only have basic knowledge when it comes to fixing a bike, and one in six (16 percent) “wouldn’t know where to start”.

Even of those who do have some confidence in mending a bicycle, nearly half (48 percent) still wouldn’t know how to pump up the tyres, put a chain on if it came off, or check the brakes.

However, 28 percent would like to learn, according to the OnePoll data.

The study also found, of those who can ride a bike, 25 percent have ridden one within the last week.

This included heading out to see friends (55 percent), going to the shops (55 percent), seeing family (48 percent), and commuting to work (43 percent).

One of the top reasons for this was to reduce their fuel bill, with the average motorist coughing up £39 for fuel each week.

Chain Reaction has also teamed up with ex-England footballer Ben Foster – the bike enthusiast known as “The Cycling GK” – to support the pop-up, which is launching on October 18 in Restoration Station on Shoreditch High Street.


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