'No friends of ours!' Britons furious as Biden takes swipe at UK special relationship



    The US President met with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron during the G20 summit in Rome as the two global superpowers looked to strengthen diplomatic ties. But following these talks, Mr Biden appeared to take a swipe at the UK’s special relationship with the US, snubbing Britain in favour of France. He tweeted: “I had a great meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron this afternoon.

    “The United States has no older, no more loyal, no more decent ally than France.

    “They’ve been with us from the beginning — and we will always be there for them.”

    The meeting between the two Presidents comes with France and the UK entering a bitter war of words over post-Brexit fishing licences, with the French threatening to impose retaliatory measures.

    But the latest comments from Mr Biden have sparked a furious reaction from Express.co.uk readers.

    Reacting to our initial story, Express reader Visiting KSL raged: “Biden is making it clear there is no special relationship with US and UK.

    “Time the UK Government woke up to that.”

    NoSSherlock said: “So be it. France can cover the USA’s back rather than the UK going forward.

    “Good luck with that USA, you will need it.”

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    Jersey, which relies on France for 95 percent of its electricity supply, also issued 66 full licenses and 31 temporary permits, but refused 73 applications.

    French ministers have threatened to block British boats from some of the country’s ports and tighten checks on vessels travelling between the two countries.

    Emmanuel Macron’s Government wants the issue resolved by Tuesday (November 2) or will inflict retaliatory measures, which could include cutting off electricity supply to the Channel Islands.

    Environment Secretary George Eustice told Sky News UK has issued fishing licenses to 1,700 vessels, which includes 750 French fishing boats.

    He hit back at the “disproportionate” response from the French and warned “two can play at that game” if France continues with threats to clash with the UK.

    The UK had been left furious at France’s seizure of the British boat and warned Paris against further retaliation

    Last Wednesday, the French Government gave the UK less than a week to stand down from its stance on fishing licenses, warning it would begin to impose “targeted measures” from Tuesday.


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