NVIDIA fixes high-risk GeForce bug – here's how to protect your Windows 10 PC now


    NVIDIA has rolled out an essential update for Windows 10 machines that have the popular GeForce GTX graphics cards installed. Last week the leading GPU maker notified users about a bug that could allow a bad actor to steal or manipulate data on a Windows 10 machine remotely. The vulnerability has been labelled CVE‑2021‑1073 and was given a CVSS score of 8.3.

    CVSS scores are an industry standard used for rating the threat level of a security vulnerability.

    And the rating for the NVIDIA flaw means it has been ranked as ‘High’ risk threat – the second most dangerous CVSS tier.

    The bug affects the GeForce Experience software, which is bundled in with NVIDIA GTX GPUs.

    Speaking about the threat previously, NVIDIA said: “NVIDIA GeForce Experience software contains a vulnerability where, if a user clicks on a maliciously formatted link that opens the GeForce Experience login page in a new browser tab instead of the GeForce Experience application and enters their login information, the malicious site can get access to the token of the user login session. Such an attack may lead to these targeted users’ data being accessed, altered, or lost.”

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    The good news is NVIDIA has swiftly rolled out a fix to keep your Windows PC safe.

    A GeForce 3.23 update is available right now which can mitigate the bug, Threatpost reported in a post online.

    The NVIDIA flaw is present in version 3.21 and lower of the GeForce Experience.

    To download the update, simply head to the GeForce Experience download page or open the software client.

    This will automatically update the programme.

    GeForce Experience is a free piece of software that is used to optimise PC gaming performance.

    It can be used to monitor system performance, record or live stream gameplay which is ideal for services like Twitch and it can also take in-game screenshots for you to share with friends on social media.

    Version 3.23 of GeForce Experience released last week, and brought with it plenty of tweaks and upgrades.

    Besides fixing bugs and compatibility issues, one-click HDR screenshot capture as well as automatic GPU tuning was added to the NVIDIA software.

    Optimal settings support was also added for 21 new games including the recently released Resident Evil Village and It Takes Two as well as popular games like KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX and Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition.


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