‘One of greatest days in our history!’ Huge support for Brexit holiday to mark vote – poll


    With the UK now five years down the line from the referendum, Nigel Farage called on the Government to mark June 23 with celebrations. Amid calls to mark the UK’s independence, Express.co.uk asked in an exclusive poll: “Should June 23 be a national holiday to celebrate referendum anniversary?” Commenting on the poll of 4,159 people, 84 percent (3,487) claimed there should be a national holiday to celebrate the referendum.

    Just 16 percent (657) voted there shouldn’t be a national holiday while just 15 people were not sure.

    Commenting on the poll, readers were clear in their support of the plan.

    One person said: “One of the biggest and greatest days in our history, yes without doubt.”

    A second said: “Most definitely and the EU (and its Remainers) would hate it too.”

    A third said: “Nigel should be knighted on the 23rd June – now that would be apt.

    “The 23rd of June should be FFE day – Freedom From Europe Day.

    “However, to be honest most people celebrate their new found freedom every day.”

    A fourth added: “Yes a public holiday day, Independence day.”

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    “Now as we recover from this pandemic, we will seize the true potential of our regained sovereignty to unite and level up our whole United Kingdom.

    “With control over our regulations and subsidies, and with freeports driving new investment, we will spur innovation, jobs and renewal across every part of our country.

    “The decision to leave the EU may now be part of our history, but our clear mission is to utilise the freedoms it brings to shape a better future for our people.”

    The Trade and Cooperation Agreement was signed in December 2019 after a prolonged period of intense negotiations.

    While the deal was agreed with the EU, issues have arisen over the Northern Ireland protocol.

    The EU has been accused of intransigence over the protocol which has seen severe issues hit businesses in Northern Ireland.

    Although the amnesty on chilled meats is set to be extended, a whole batch of grace periods are set to expire at the end of the year, bringing with them a new series of hurdles.

    This poll ran from 12.39pm from June 23 and closed at 8.30am on June 25.


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