Penny Mordaunt lambasts ‘out of touch’ House of Lords amid calls for ‘vigorous’ reform


    The Tory MP lambasted the unelected parliamentary circle and called for an overhaul to replace its members with a more democratic upper chamber in her new book. Ms Mordaunt, a leading Brexiteer, believes a constitutional reform of the upper chamber would be more egalitarian.

    According to extracts from her new book, Greater: Britain After The Storm, seen by The Sunday Times, she described the House of Lords as: “Out of touch with modern democracy as it is possible to be.”

    She further labelled the unelected circle as a “relic” and a “mausoleum” which must be updated.

    She points out: “What kind of democracy allows the majority of its parliamentarians to be appointed rather than elected?”

    Ms Mordaunt who has previously held two secretary of state roles and is currently working as the Paymaster General in the Cabinet office wrote in her book that the British have “much to be proud of” but said some things could be “modernised and rethought”.

    Ms Mordaunt’s comments in her book follow similar remarks by Lord McFall, the new Lord Speaker, who called for the number of peers in the House of Lords to be “vigorously” reduced.

    Lord McFall also pushed for a “face-to-face” meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the parliamentary overhaul.

    At the start of May, the Lord Speaker said the House of Lords should look to shrink itself to the size of the House of Commons, axing around 150 peers to match the 650 MPs in the lower chamber.

    Ms Mordaunt and her co-author, Chris Lewis, argue in the book that while some peers could still be appointed, the majority of lawmakers should be elected.

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    They further suggest that both the upper and lower chambers are “anachronisms”.

    The book champions Britain’s proud history and sets out how Brexit can make the country even greater.

    Ms Mordaunt wrote: “If Britain had never happened, the world would be less compassionate, less wealthy, less successful, less funny, less connected, less international, less equal, less eccentric, less organised, less democratic, less consistent, less traditional, less entertaining, less inspirational and, in fairness, less pompous, less stuffy and less nostalgic.”

    The Brexiteer added that delivering Brexit has restored the public’s faith in democracy.

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    Ms Mordaunt’s book has been backed by Boris Johnson and other prominent public figures such as Bill Gates and former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.


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