Peston lifts lid on Covid horror as infections spike in double-vaxxed 40 to 79-year-olds


    ITV journalist, Mr Peston, has just recovered from the deadly pathogen. He has reported that Government data from the Vaccine Surveillance Report shows that the “overwhelming majority of those infected in the age group of 40 to 79 the have been double vaxxed”. Mr Peston said that part of this explanation is because leading scientists claim that “vaccine efficacy is not as good as we would like for the Delta variant”.

    Mr Peston went on to say that because of the increased infection among the vaccinated, “we face a rough autumn and hospitals may again find themselves under serious pressure”.

    On Twitter, Mr Preston added: “I was surprised by what looks like high prevalence among the double vaxxed.

    “Now it is important to remember that severe disease is considerably less common among the vaccinated infected than among the unvaxxed.

    “But I am surprised these statistics have received so little attention and have occasioned so little debate.

    “If the return to school leads to a renewed surge in England, and data from Leicestershire and Scotland suggests it may, we face a rough autumn and hospitals may again find themselves under serious pressure.”

    The news comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce his Covid Winter Plan for England on Tuesday.

    This will include contingency measures that would be implemented if the NHS becomes overwhelmed.

    The news comes after research showing about 40 percent of people with weakened immune systems had a low antibody response, and potentially less protection, after two vaccine doses.

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    The research also revealed that 11 percent of those with weakened immune systems failed to generate any detectable antibodies four weeks after two vaccine doses.

    The Octave study was published as a pre-print in The Lancet and it was funded by the Medical Research Council and coordinated by experts at the University of Birmingham.

    Speaking to the BBC about the low antibody rate in those with weakened immune systems who have been vaccinated, Professor Iain McInnes, lead of the Octave trial and from the University of Glasgow, said: “While 40 percent of these clinically at-risk patent groups were found to have a low or undetectable immune response after a double dose of the vaccine, we are encouraged that this figure isn’t higher.

    “However, it is possible even partial protection may be clinically beneficial.

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    “This is something we will closely monitor.”

    Also speaking to the BBC, Professor Eleanor Riley, an expert in immunology and infectious diseases at the University of Edinburgh, said: “As it is T cells that are particularly effective at stopping us getting severely ill and needing hospital treatment, we would expect that the vaccine is still offering substantial protection to most of these highly vulnerable people.”

    UK records from the 24 hour period from Friday through to Saturday, show 37,622 new infections from the deadly pathogen, and 147 more coronavirus-related deaths.

    For the whole of the UK since the beginning of the pandemic, 133,988 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus and there have been 7,168,806 lab-confirmed infections.


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