Pride of Britain: Brave teen who saved father and boy from drowning receives special award


    The Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards celebrates ordinary people who have done extraordinary things and this 2022 ceremony will be broadcast on ITV on October 27. A winner who is sure to capture the hearts of the nation includes a teenager called Lucy Montgomery who saved the lives of her father and a young boy who were close to being swept away by treacherous river currents.

    Lucy was on holiday with her family in France, when the terrifying situation unfolded in front of her. 

    She was paddle boarding in the Charente River with Mathieu, the young son of a family friend, when she noticed he was in trouble in the water.

    The eight-year-old boy had started drifting away after being pulled by a strong current which was taking him into much deeper, dangerous waters.

    When Mathieu started to panic, Lucy, who was just 14 at the time, tried to reassure him and walked alongside him in shallow water close to the riverbank.

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    She was pulled out into deep water and with no energy left to swim she latched onto her paddle board and clung onto it until it drifted to the safety of the riverbank.

    Ahead of Lucy winning a Pride of Britain Award, Graham said: “I can’t swim and there was a limit to what I could do.

    “I have no doubt that Lucy’s quick and decisive actions that afternoon prevented injury and perhaps worse to a frightened child and prevented me from drowning.

    “As a family, we couldn’t be prouder to see her recognised in this way.”

    This year’s awards ceremony is being hosted by Carol Vorderman and Ashley Banjo. 

    Carol said of the awards: “Pride of Britain is all about the winners. We have so many nominations, and our team and judges work incredibly hard to make sure we are celebrating the most extraordinary people. Meeting them is the absolute highlight of my year.”

    Co-host Ashley added: “It is always such a humbling experience to meet the Pride of Britain winners. 

    “They make you feel good about the world we live in and inspire you to think how you can help to make it a better place.”

    The Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards airs on October 27 on ITV at 8pm.  


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