Prince Harry doc gave ‘alarming insight’ into ‘unnatural environment’ as he put on ‘front'


    Prince Harry put on a “fantastic front” while he was struggling in the Royal Family, according to an expert. The Duke of Sussex opened up about his mental health “difficulties” during his new Apple TV+ documentary series, ‘The Me You Can’t See’. HeirPod host and ABC royal contributor Omid Scobie broke down the royal’s appearance and his candid revelations.

    Mr Scobie told listeners: “Panic attacks and severe anxiety followed him throughout a very important time in his life as a working royal.

    “This was something he had touched on very briefly in the past but not gone into such visceral detail on.

    “He said from 28 to 32 it was a ‘nightmare time’ in his life.

    “He went on to describe heavy drinking, taking drugs and being willing to try and do things that ‘made him feel less like he was feeling’.”

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    He continued: “This was also a time where many felt Harry was at his best as a working member of the Royal Family.

    “Those solo tours around the world where he really found such a strong following, and even becoming a favourite member of the Royal Family for many.

    “We heard these stories and the details of what goes on behind the Palace walls.

    “It gives us a really alarming insight into just how difficult it is to navigate that landscape of surviving in a very unnatural environment, that is of course being a member of the Royal Family.”

    Harry also spoke about losing his mother, Princess Diana, at a young age and the strife she experienced as a royal.

    He told the Apple series: “One of the feelings that come up with me always is feeling helpless.

    “Being too young, being a guy but being too young to help a woman, in this case, your mother.

    “This happened every single day.

    “Every single day until the day that she died.”


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