Prince William has no interest in 'manufactured turf war' with the Sussexes


    However, the Prince of Wales’ trip to the US for the ceremony won’t be a opportunity to meet Prince Harry or Meghan Markle, according to a royal expert. The Duke’s decision to hold the ceremony in the US, and most specifically Boston, was inspired by President John F Kennedy and his “moonshot”, challenging NASA and the American people to reach the moon by the end of the 1960s.

    President Kennedy was a Massachusetts native and Boston was his family’s political power base, making the city symonusly with Irish American Democratic Party lawmakers.

    However, according to royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, writing in Nine Honey there has been speculation from some pundits that the Prince of Wales’ visit will be an opportunity to revive the declining Cambridge brand in the US.

    Ms Arbiter argues that due to the “perceived mistreatment” of the Sussexes by the Firm, some believe that the Prince of Wales is using the visit to revive his popularity by launching an extended tour of the country.

    She said: “Though the purpose of William’s intended visit was clear – he was slated to deliver a speech, greet previous winners and finalists and kick off the countdown to Earthshot 2022 – several columnists suggested it was organised in a bid to quell Harry and Meghan’s perceived prominence in the US.

    “According to some, their allegations of poor treatment by the institution of monarchy, has resulted in ‘waning popularity’ for William and Kate.

    “Despite a lack of evidence, the narrative swiftly escalated upon the news the Sussexes will accept the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organisation at a gala dinner in New York on December 6.

    “Competing Kennedys, anguished royals and individual trips to neighbouring cities separated by days ultimately proved too tempting for those itching to promote a negative slant.”

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    “However, despite having no vested interest, the institution, its history and its key players continue to captivate audiences across the US.

    “Were the Earthshot ceremony to be taking place in Australia, Canada or New Zealand, William would have requested a similar trip.

    “After all, he has a responsibility to garner the occasion as much publicity as possible.

    “His plans for the US have nothing to do with the Sussexes and they aren’t a petty opportunity to score points.

    “While relations do remain tense, he won’t allow a manufactured turf war to distract from the job at hand.”


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