Prince William's 'heated conversations' with Prince Charles over future of monarchy


    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last night led Royal Family messages of congratulations to Britain’s golden girl Emma Raducanu. 18-year-old Raducanu became the first qualifier to win a major tennis tournament as she won the US Open without dropping a set along the way.  William and Kate’s official account tweeted within minutes of her victory: “Huge congratulations @EmmaRaducanu on your stunning performances and historic Grand Slam victory! Incredible – we are all so proud of you!”

    They also congratulated Raducanu’s opponent, Leylah Fernandez, for her own outstanding achievements.

    The Queen, meanwhile, sent a warm letter of congratulations which was personally delivered to Raducanu by her representative in New York.

    While the entire family are clearly in agreement over Raducana’s historic victory, a royal expert told there are frequent rows behind the scenes.

    Howard Hodgson explained: “Prince Charles is very keen to slim down the royal entourage and the Royal Family and the focus of it, so that it really is the Queen, him, the Duke of Cambridge and then George and so on.

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    “So that’s a direct ascendency. He’d had those plans, he’d already made those plans and believed that that was the right way to go.

    “The power behind the throne, for a long time now, has been the Prince of Wales and not anyone else.

    “Until maybe ten years ago, the Duke of Edinburgh had a lot of say in these things.”

    He added that the reason behind the Queen being such a successful monarch is that she is “very compliant” and listens to what her advisors want to do.

    William and Kate are also allegedly preparing to up sticks and move to the area, which would offer a countryside home that is much more accessible to London than their current Anmer Hall residence.

    William and Charles, however, have regular “heated conversations” about how changes should be made within the monarchy.

    Mr Hodgson said: “Charles and William do have heated conversations about lots of things.

    “But actually, they are as one, and they are supported by two women who are as one.

    “I think William is certainly not his mother’s son, Prince Harry is his mother’s son.

    “William is very dedicated, he’s quite fearless in speaking his own mind, but they totally agree about the way to go.

    “They don’t necessarily agree about how to get there, but they are in line when it comes to that.”

    He explained that “everybody” within the Firm is “100 supportive” of the plans to focus on the line of succession.

    Charles is the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, having been first in line to the throne since February 1952.

    Mr Hodgson ruled out the possibility of Charles handing the reins, given that he is 72 himself, over to William.

    He explained: “The will never agree to that. Because ‘the Queen is dead, long live the King!’, you don’t retire and it just goes down the line.

    “Otherwise you’re just a bloody President or a Prime Minister. It is succession, ‘the King is dead, long live the King!’ ‒ that’s how it works.”

    He added that the monarchy is “dead” if this tradition was broken, royals would be reduced to “just mortals like us”.


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