Princess Anne's tense exchange with Diana over Zara Tindall: 'Would've chilled Arctic'


    Anne was seen out fulfilling royal duties this weekend as she attended the annual Armed Forces Day. Around 100 service personnel gathered with the royal, who was dressed in uniform and accompanied by her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence. The service personnel were later invited to have lunch with the Princess and were treated to a flypast from the Red Arrows.

    Anne has carried out such royal duties for the best part of her life.

    She has also attended countless engagements within the Royal Family like birthday dinners and weddings.

    Thus, when Princess Diana refused to show up at the christening of her newborn daughter, Zara Tindall, Anne hit the roof.

    The icy confrontation was retold by royal author Ingrid Seward in her 1995 book, ‘Prince Edward’.

    Delving into the complicated relationships between warring members of the family, she wrote: “Such occasions are a cornerstone of the Royal Family’s routine, and essential part of the theatricality of their brand of monarchy; a moment when the whole family is on parade.

    “It would never have occurred to Edward or any of his family not to turn out for one.

    “Diana, however, chose not to attend.

    “She had been telling friends beforehand that she had no intention of going but, rather through a failure of manners or courage, it was not until 48 hours before the actual ceremony that she telephoned Princess Anne to inform her that she would not be there.

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    Anne and Andrew themselves had a romantic history.

    Their brief love interest in the early Seventies reportedly made Camilla “furious”.

    Around the time of the christening, shortly before Diana’s wedding, Charles gave Camilla the now famous bracelet inscribed with the initial “F” and “G”, the first letters of the nicknames they had for each other.

    It is something that would stick with Diana for the duration of her marriage.

    Ms Seward noted: “While the other [members of the Royal Family] were prepared to give Diana the benefit of the doubt, Anne was not.

    “Self-contained and matter-of-fact to the point of ruthlessness, she had no sympathy for Diana’s temperamental maundering.”


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