Putin humiliated as US jet draws 'sky penis' to mock Russian base on the Mediterranean


    An American military jet reportedly drew a “sky penis” in the air near Moscow’s naval base at Tartus in Syria. The cheeky image was seen imprinted on radar screens tracking the flight’s movements, although it has not been confirmed that the move was deliberate.

    The KC-135 Stratotanker aerial refueling plane took off from Crete earlier that day, however, it is not known if their mission was to refuel fighter planes or simply mock the Russians.

    In February one of Putin’s planes flew close to three US navy jets while travelling over the Mediterranean in international airspace.

    At the time Putin was amassing large numbers of troops along the border with Ukraine and invaded just days later.

    The Russian leader has also rejoined a deal to allow grain shipments to leave Ukraine, after backing out over a suspected Ukrainian drone attack on his Black Sea fleet.

    Putin claimed he could no longer guarantee the safety of ships passing through the body of water.

    However, on Wednesday Russia’s Defence Ministry announced they would be rejoining the deal saying it had received security assurances from Kyiv.

    The President added: “Russia still reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement if Ukraine violates it.”

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    Head of staff for President Zelensky Andriy Yermak praised Russia’s decision as a victory for his country.

    He said: “In geopolitical terms, what happened in recent days is the beginning of an end of Russia’s years-long blackmail diplomacy.”

    Russian state TV reporter Roman Sanopkov said on social media about the deal: “Maybe I don’t get it, but the resumption of the grain deal, and the deal per se, make it look like we’ve been cuckolded.”


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