Queen may be 'forced to act' over Meghan Markle's title as she is 'pushed into corner'



    Meghan has faced accusations she is using her royal title to interfere in American politics after she phoned US senators and introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex. Royal commentator Daniela Elser claimed the Queen could be “forced to act” as her “absolute first priority is protecting the sanctity of the crown”.

    Writing for news.com.au, Ms Elser said the “ever more obvious political ambitions” of Prince Harry’s wife were a “burgeoning problem” for the royals.

    Ms Elser highlighted how members of the Royal Family traditionally do not become involved in politics.

    The royal commentator added: “And that’s the sticking point here: Meghan Markle can be as vocal and impassioned as she fancies and all the more kudos to her for doing so; however the Duchess of Sussex is meant to remain stum.”

    Ms Elser said that Meghan’s recent phone calls are “far from an isolated incident” and “all signs point to the Duchess having set her sights on Washington”.

    She continued: “Given that the chances of the mother-of-two shelving her aspirations on this front seem about as likely as her buying a crate of MAGA hats or renouncing the power of oat milk, this puts the Queen in one hell of a bind when it comes to their titles.

    “If the Sussexes, either or both of them, continue to push their various political agendas, the question becomes whether Her Majesty will be forced to act in regards to their Sussex titles which were, of course, a wedding gift.”

    Ms Elser questioned why Meghan continues to use her title for occasions such as her calls to US senators when “she must know it like holding a red rag to a bull”.

    The royal commentator added: “Why is she taking the chance and pushing the Queen into even more of a corner by continually deploying her title for political outings?

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    A source close to Meghan told the newspaper she contacted members of Congress “in her personal capacity as an engaged citizen”.

    The calls came after the Duchess wrote to House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Charles Schumer calling for paid family leave.

    The former actress – who signed as “Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex” – said she was penning the letter “as a mom” and “on behalf of millions of American families”.

    Meghan and Harry quit royal duties last year for a new life in California.

    The couple agreed to stop using their HRH titles as part of Megxit but they continue to be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


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