Queen warned 'days numbered' for beloved luxury – staggering cost 'not financially viable'


    The royal train’s “days must be numbered”, a royal financial expert has warned. David McClure broke down the monarchy’s accounts after they were released for the annual Sovereign Grant Report. He explained to Mail Plus’ Palace Confidential why the transport was “not really financially viable” for the Queen anymore.

    He added: “In the future, its days must be numbered.”

    The Sovereign Grant is the package of money that is used to pay for the official work of the monarch and her family, and also the upkeep of their properties.

    The grant money comes from some of the profits that are made by the Crown of State, which is a huge portfolio of land and properties which are in the gift of the monarch.

    Most of the profits go to the Treasury but a percentage goes to funding their official work. That is why it is often referred to as taxpayers’ money.

    The expert continued: “Most importantly it doesn’t include the cost of security.

    “Now the government refuses to give it a precise figure whatsoever for the cost of security because they say it might undermine security.

    “But I’ve just completed an investigation that showed that 10 years ago the cost of security was £128 million.

    “If that was a case 10 years ago it’s probably something of the region of £150 million today.

    “So the monarchy is really a lot more expensive than the Palace would have us believe.”


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