'Quick and cheap solution' to trap heat in bedroom without turning on heating – 'toasty!'


    Accoridng to YouGov data, 69 percent of Britons are feeling worried about heating their homes and staying warm this winter. Three quarters of the population are planning to use less central heating, with 14 percent planning to cut central heating use at all. But these households must be able to trap in heat in their home in some way. To help them, experts at Bed Kingdom have shared their top tips on how to keep one’s bedroom warm at night, without turning the heating on.

    Some of the experts’ tips were completely free and very simple, such as keeping the curtains open during the day.

    The experts said: “When the temperatures drop, it’s tempting to close the curtains and shut out the world. However, this can make your bedroom even colder when bedtime comes around.

    “During the day, keep your curtains open, especially if your bedroom catches direct sunlight. As sunlight hits your glass windows, radiation passes through and warms anything able to absorb the heat, including your bed, furniture or even your clothes.

    “A room exposed to lots of sunlight throughout the day can warm quicker than one without any sunlight. Once the sun sets, close the curtain to trap the heat inside.”

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    There is nothing worse than going to bed freezing cold, and so another top tip is to invest in some warmer pyjamas.

    Fleece or cotton pyjamas are good options and can cost around £20 to £30. Since pyjamas can last forever if looked after properly, it is not too high a price to pay.

    The experts at Bed Kingdom recommended: “Make sure you’re wearing the right pyjamas in the winter months to keep yourself warm while you sleep. Some materials work to keep us cool, while others work to warm us up, so it’s important to know which ones to wear for the colder months.

    “Cotton pyjamas are a good choice as they allow for temperature control, letting air circulate without letting your body lose its natural heat. They’re ideal for cold weather and chilly nights.


    As well as wearing warm pyjamas to bed, taking a hot water bottle with you can work wonders. “The rubber or thermoplastic bottle has insulating properties which prevent heat from escaping from the hot water right away, meaning it will stay hot for at least two hours,” the experts said.

    They recommended: “Simply leave the hot water bottle under your duvet for five to 10 minutes before you head to bed and keep it close to you while you sleep. However, it should be noted that hot water bottles shouldn’t be left with children as there is a danger of injury if they burst.”

    According to the National Energy Foundation, up to 10 percent of heat can be lost through an uninsulated floor. To insulate it, why not invest in a rug?

    The experts continued: “If you have wooden floors in your bedroom, it could be worth investing in a rug. For the cost of as little as £10, the extra layer will keep the heat inside your bedroom and can also warm your feet in the mornings.”

    Lastly, Bed Kingdom recommends rearranging your bedroom furniture to keep heat in.

    “Having your bed too close to your window means that any drafts coming in will be hitting your bed directly,” the experts said.

    “Single-glazed glass windows also cause condensation and heat loss, which is why you want your bed as far away from the windows as possible.

    “Place your bed away from your window, preferably in a corner. Add extra layers of blankets and pillows to help keep you warm during the night.”


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