RAF veteran, 89, wrongly 'harassed' for no TV licence demands an apology


    John Luck, 89, claimed he is still waiting for an apology over the error several months on. The pensioner said he suffered “sleepless nights” over a barrage of threatening letters he received during this period.

    Mr Luck told authorities he had moved into his new property in December 2020 and purchased his licence at the end of November to ensure it was covered.

    But he kept getting letters from TV Licensing, threatening him with fines of up to £1,000 if he did not pay his “debts” immediately.

    Speaking to Nottinghamshire Live, Mr Luck said the situation has caused significant stress.

    He said: “It feels like they couldn’t care less, but I don’t feel they should be allowed to get away with it.

    “I’m still thinking about it and not getting much sleep.”

    TV Licensing finally confirmed it had made “an administrative error” in June, around seven months after the error.

    But it is yet to apologise to the pensioner, from Nuthall, Nottinghamshire, who had claimed the company had promised it’d also send him a goodwill payment in light of the “poor experience”.

    Mr Luck added: “It’s been 14 days since TV Licensing spoke to the Post and said they had sent a letter to me, but I have not heard one thing.

    “I have absolutely nothing at all from them.

    “And from the responses I have had to my story from other people, it shows it’s not just me.

    “It feels like they couldn’t care less, but I don’t feel they should be allowed to get away with it.

    “The apology is the most important thing really.”

    TV Licensing confirmed a human error has led to the delay.

    After being contacted by a reporter about the story, a spokesman said: “We are sorry for the delay to Mr Luck receiving his apology.

    “We have spoken to Mr Luck to personally apologise for this mistake and have arranged for the letter to be resent, along with a goodwill gesture.”

    Plans emerged yesterday for the BBC to send enforcers to the homes of over-75s to make sure they’ve paid their licence fees.

    But Express readers branded the corporation “despicable” and a “disgrace”.


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