Rebel Wilson weight loss: Expert claims healthy diet change behind huge transformation


    On December 2 2020, Rebel took to Instagram Live to celebrate her dramatic weight loss with her 10.2 million followers.The Instagram Live was captioned ‘Year of Health 2020’. Rebel explained that while she made “a lot of money being bigger”, she used lockdown to become healthier and fitter.

    She dedicated 2020 to changing her “whole lifestyle” and lost an incredible almost 80lbs, she revealed in an interview with People.

    To lose the weight, she worked on “balance” and “attacking health from all different areas”.

    She added: “For 20 years I’ve kind of been a bigger person – curvalicious”.

    Her polycystic ovarian syndrome and “gaining weight gene” also contributed to her size.

    Now at 40 years old, she has taken control of her health.

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    Rebel said: “I did go to a professional place to do a detox because the amount of sugar I was eating was full on.”

    As for physical exercise, the majority of her workouts consisted of “going for a walk”.

    So, if you cannot afford a personal trainer or gym membership but want to lose weight, do not fear.

    She recommends listening to a podcast or a motivational audiobook to make walking even more enjoyable.

    Nutrition was also very important as “you cannot out-train a bad diet”.


    She said: “For me, a high-protein diet was the way to go”.

    Overall, the star tries to stick to around 1,500 calories per day.

    Weighing in on the star’s weight loss, Clair said: “Rebel Wilson is setting a great example in losing weight for health reasons and not because she felt pressure to conform to society norms – or in order to feel worthy of self-love and acceptance.”

    She added: “This is a crucial message for those who are overweight.”

    “As a weight coach, I encourage all my clients to find a way of eating to lose weight that works for them, rather than doing something because it worked for someone else. No one diet is perfect and better than any other.”

    In her Instagram video, Rebel echoed this thought, stating: “There’s no right way to do things.”

    According to many experts, losing one to two pounds per week is a safe and healthy amount.

    With Rebel losing so much so quickly, Clair wonders if it is sustainable.

    She said: “My only concern with how Rebel lost weight, is that it appears to have been through following a short-term diet.”

    Clair warned, “Between 95 and 98 percent of individuals who lose weight following a short-term diet regain it”.

    Because of this, she recommends “changing how they eat for life” so they don’t run the risk of simply making a temporary drastic transformations.

    Clair’s advice requires those who want to lose weight to explore and understand why they are eating more than their body needs.

    Rather than cutting out whole food groups for short periods, people must find “their own unique way of eating through a trial-and-error process”.

    This enables them to learn about their relationship with food and with themselves, which is key.


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