Richard Madeley blasts Meghan Markle's 'bimbo' claims in savage rant: 'Doesn't stop!'


    At the start of Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, Richard immediately took the opportunity to discuss Meghan Markle and fumed that she “never stops moaning” after recent comments she made on her podcast, Archetypes. The ITV host fumed that the Duchess of Sussex had criticised her role on the USA’s version of Deal or No Deal while Susanna tried to shut him down and appeared embarrassed.

    “Is there anything Meghan Markle won’t moan about?” Richard asked as the programme started.

    While Susanna looked taken aback, he continued: “She’s moaning about the show that made her – Deal or No Deal, the classic American show.

    “She’s saying that the show, which she did in 2006, made her look like a bimbo and objectified her.

    “And her co-bimbo who worked on the show – not! She has come out and said, ‘Excuse me, I wasn’t treated like a bimbo and neither were you actually, we weren’t objectified’.

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    “She’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Claudia Jordan… This is the woman who’s saying, ‘No, no Meghan, no, it wasn’t like that at all, we weren’t objectified. We weren’t treated as bimbos.’

    “And she goes on to say, ‘We got a lot of opportunities because of that show, our careers took off because of it.'”

    Challenging his view, Susanna added: “I think Meghan acknowledges that it was a really important job for her and enabled her to pay the bills.”

    Turning to Richard, she continued: “But yes, you’re right Richard… she has done that in her podcast.

    “And I think she did take a risk by saying that by taking that job she ended up looking like a bimbo because you’re going to have every other woman on that show saying, ‘Are you telling us that we’re all bimbos?’

    “They weren’t just picked for the way they looked.” Nodding, Richard then read another post by Claudia.

    As he concluded he commented: “Right, okay, rant over,” before changing the subject.

    Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.


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