Robbie Coltrane's death certificate lists six causes including sepsis


    Robbie Coltrane, who is best known for his roles in Harry Potter, Cracker and James Bond, died earlier this month, sparking an outpouring of grief from fans. Now, the cause of his death has been revealed, with diabetes and obesity included in the death certificate, according to reports.

    The film star, who passed away aged 72, died from a series of conditions including multiple organ failure, sepsis, lower respiratory tract infection and heart block, according to The Mirror.

    Sepsis happens when your immune system overreacts to an infection and starts to damage your body’s own tissues and organs, according to the NHS.

    Robbie’s death was confirmed by his agent, Belinda Wright, who remembered the legendary actor’s accomplishments in the industry.

    In a statement, she said: “My client and friend Robbie Coltrane OBE passed away on Friday October 14.

    “Robbie was a unique talent, sharing the Guinness Book of Records’ Award for winning three consecutive Best Actor BAFTAs for his portrayal of Fitz in Granada TV’s series Cracker in 1994, 1995 and 1996 with Sir Michael Gambon.

    “He will probably be best remembered for decades to come as Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, a role which brought joy to children and adults alike all over the world, prompting a stream of fan letters every week for over 20 years.”

    Belinda continued: “James Bond fans write too to applaud his role in GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough.

    “For me personally I shall remember him as an abidingly loyal client.

    “Such depth, power and talent: funny enough to cause helpless hiccups & honking as we made our first TV show, ‘Alfresco’. Farewell, old fellow. You’ll be so dreadfully missed.”

    JK Rowling, the author of fantasy saga Harry Potter, also took to Twitter to pay homage to Robbie, who played Hagrid in the cinematic adaptation of her books.

    The author described Robbie as an “incredible talent” as she recounted “laughing my head off” with the beloved actor.

    JK, who shared the tweet in view of her 13.9 million followers, went on to send her “deepest condolences” to Robbie’s loved ones.


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