Roy Keane disagrees with Jose Mourinho about England team vs Ukraine – 'That's dangerous'


    “England don’t need to take some of their players to extreme situations of fatigue. A rest to Rice and Phillips would be fantastic, then to play in the semi-finals and final in the maximum of potential.

    “But that’s me speaking. I have zero pressure and zero responsibility! If I tried to guess what Gareth will do I’d say Jordan Henderson plus one of Rice or Phillips.

    “I would not change the spine of the team – that would be too risky but I would for sure change three of four players because to beat Ukraine you can do it with any of England’s players.

    “Maguire didn’t have a good preparation to the tournament so I think this would be the perfect opportunity for Maguire to take a rest.

    “The rest wouldn’t mean not to take the yellow card to stop him playing in the semi-final but also not an accumulation of fatigue in a player.”


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