Royal Family LIVE: Meghan issued six-word warning over finding life passion of her own


    Royal commentator Angela Levin has called for King Charles’s coronation not to be cut down after it was announced that the ceremony will be respectful of the cost of living crisis. 

    Asked about whether there should be a “cut-price coronation”, Ms Levin said: “I am completely against that. I think this will show the world what a good country we are and how terrific we are at these sorts of super events.

    “You could say the same about the funeral. In retrospect, it seemed so big and so amazing, and it worked brilliantly.  I think people will warm to a [full-bodied] coronation. It is a happy occasion and it is a new start, and I think it is very important that it represents that. 

    “I am sort of in the middle, if I am being honest. I think you should get rid of some of the people that are coming. I don’t think you need 8,000 people attending; two, three or four thousand is fine. 

    “I do not think it needs to be four hours long, either, but I do not want it to be a cut-price event. Not at all.” 



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