Royal Family LIVE: Prince Harry's 'going through a lot' message for UK


    Writing for the Daily Express, columnist Angela Epstein said: “If a picture tells a thousand hurts then the first official portrait of the Royal family to be released since the passing of the Queen clearly speaks volumes.

    “The photograph depicts King Charles and Queen Camilla together with Prince William and Princess Kate, at a formal reception the night before Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. A line up which clearly semaphores there`s no room at the inn for Harry and Meghan despite the fact the portrait was taken when the couple were still in Britain and several days before they returned to California.

    “Who knows whether Team Sussex regarded this as a slight; though it’s hard to forget how they once formed part of a delightful family group for the official portrait to mark the then-Prince of Wales’s 70th birthday in 2018.

    “Then again, since the couple stopped using their HRHs in 2020 after stepping away from royal duties, why should they be bothered? Since their flash bulb-popping exit, the couple are too busy smiling for other cameras. See Oprah and Netflix amongst others for details.

    “All of which begs the question – why do the couple even still bear the titles Duke and Duchess of Sussex?”

    Read the full comment piece here.


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