Royal heartbreak as Queen Letizia turns 49 in the absence of her daughter Leonor


    Queen Letizia celebrates her 49th birthday today, but she will likely be missing Princess of Asturias during the festivities. 15-year-old Leonor will be absent from any celebrations as she’s studying in the United Kingdom for a two-year stint.

    On August 30, the Princess of Asturias left Spain to pursue International Baccalaureate studies in Britain.

    The royal is attending UWC Atlantic College, a boarding school in Wales, and is said to be already installed in the castle of St. Donat’s.

    Leonor will spend the next two years in Wales for her studies, but the eldest daughter of Letizia is likely to have been among the first to wish her mother well today.

    The Queen is likely to feel further absences on her special day, due to the death of her grandmother over the summer, and while her father-in-law, King Juan Carlos is not in the country.

    She suffered heartbreak earlier this year following the loss of grandmother Menchu in July.

    The royal was reported to have been extremely close with Menchu Alvarez de Valle, who even gave a reading at her 2004 wedding to King Felipe VI, then Prince of Asturias.

    Her father-in-law, King Juan Carlos, will be absent from any celebrations as he remains in Abu Dhabi where he continues to defend himself against legal accusations.

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    She has also hit headlines for her evolving style and the Spanish Queen has been spotted recycling her best outfits.

    New signature pieces have been added to her wardrobe, and she has also been spotted re-wearing a Queen Sofia model that she wore decades ago in a visit to Rome in 1981, much to the delight of fashion fans.

    Yesterday the royal was spotted wearing a smart-casual look in Madrid, Spain, where she was attending the 50th anniversary of the creation of the UCM Faculty of Information Sciences.

    Earlier this week she was also seen stepping out at the Spanish national art museum.

    This year King Felipe VI and Letizia celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary, and the royal couple have not revealed how they’ll be celebrating the Queen’s 49th birthday.

    While it has been confirmed that Queen Letizia has the day off from her agenda, no further details have been revealed for her celebrations.


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