Royal Mail delivers to 'shed on crossroads 21 miles from Land's End' in remarkable journey


    The letter’s journey is made more impressive because the sender misspelt the recipient’s name. It was addressed to Katrina Davis, rather than Catrina Davies.

    The mission brief resembles a treasure hunt – with an unlikely conclusion.

    Ms Davies moved to the shed, which has no electricity, toilet, heating or shower, 10 years ago.

    However, she fixed up the shed and as the Royal Mail can attest, still resides there today.

    The writer and author said the letter was a “lovely thing” to get in the post.

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    “It just makes you feel like maybe the world’s smaller and more local than it feels sometimes,” she told the BBC, while praising the Royal Mail’s work.

    “It’s just great that they made the effort and didn’t just throw it away,” she added.

    The full letter said: “M/S Katrina Davis, Lives in a blue and green shed on a crossroads near a village 21 miles from Land’s End, as featured on BBC2 Simon Reeve Cornwall Programme, Cornwall.”

    Ms Davies wrote in her memoir Homesick: Why I Live in a Shed explaining why she chose to move to Land’s End, not far from where she spent a lot her childhood.

    “We need roots before we can grow wings,” she wrote.

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    The letter also mentions that the shed was featured on the BBC2 Simon Reeve Cornwall Programme.

    The series came about during the first national lockdown when people couldn’t travel.

    It looked into tourist hotspots in the UK and what their futures look like.

    The sender wrote in the letter supporting Ms Davies’ points raised in the show as she talked about affordable housing in Cornwall.

    Ms Davies talked about the arrival of second homeowners in the area which has caused house prices to rocket, making them no longer attainable for the average local.


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