Royal POLL: Should Queen strip Prince Harry and Meghan of titles despite 'victim' warning


    Vote in our poll on whether the monarch should strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s titles. And let us know more about what you think in the comments section below.

    Our poll comes after royal expert Richard Eden warned that if the monarch stripped Harry and Meghan of their titles the couple would “dine out on that for the rest of their lives”.

    Mr Eden, the Daily Mail’s Saturday diary editor, also highlighted how they would still have the titles of prince and princess due to Harry’s birthright – which he said Meghan “might actually prefer”.

    The royal commentator told MailPlus’ Palace Confidential show: “When Harry and Meghan were told they could no longer use their HRH titles, it was made clear to them privately that stripping them of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles was something that could be done in the future, depending on what they did.

    “The Queen doesn’t want to look vindictive or petty, but also, there is an element that Harry and Meghan love being the victims.

    “So if they were stripped of their titles, they would dine out on that for the rest of their lives.

    “They would still have the titles of prince and princess. Meghan might actually prefer to be Princess Meghan.

    “That is Harry’s birthright, that can never be taken from him.

    “The palace will want to tread very carefully. It’s not something they would do in a hurry.”

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    And the pair plunged the Royal Family into crisis with their tell-all TV interview, which aired in March.

    Harry and Meghan made a set of astonishing claims about the royals in the controversial interview which came just one year after Megxit.

    Meanwhile, a recent YouGov poll suggested more than four in 10 Britons think the Sussexes should lose their titles.

    The poll found 44 percent of 4,567 adults questioned thought the couple should no longer be a Duke and Duchess.

    A further two in 10 people believed they should keep their titles but not use them.

    The Queen’s grandson and the former Suits actress are living in California after quitting royal duties in March 2020.

    Harry and Meghan are launching new careers across the pond which include lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify.


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