Royal scent: Queen & Diana 'sexy & regal' in perfume choices but Kate & Meghan 'discreet'


    Rob D. Blandford is a fragrance expert who is based in Australia, at the University of Tasmania, but trained at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in the South of France. He spoke exclusively to about royal women’s perfume choices, focusing in particular on Her Majesty, Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge, and the Duchess of Sussex.

    He said: “It’s fascinating to note that one of Diana’s favourite perfumes, Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant, was created in exactly the same era: Paris of 1913.

    “Quelques Fleurs also contains a myriad of stunning florals but additionally, civet in the base.

    “Civet is an extract taken from African wild cats – synthesised for modern perfumery so no actual cats are harmed.

    “Civet makes floral perfumes alluring and sexy.

    Rob added: “Based on their fragrance choices, we could interpret that both the Queen and Diana have natural royal qualities: confidence, largesse, are happy to be in the spotlight, be noticed, be the centre of attention.”

    The fragrance expert went on to examine Kate and Meghan’s perfume choices, and noted that both women’s fragrances are “substantially more restrained and discrete” then the Queen and Diana’s preferences.

    “One could even say minimal, pared back, and practical,” Rob said.

    “Clean, inoffensive, almost unnoticeable.”

    Rob continued: “Kate loves Orange Blossom by Jo Malone. A soft, unisex citrus floral created by Jean Claude Delville in 2003.

    “It’s gentle, watery, and fresh, with citruses, waterlily and pretty lilac on an elegant woody base.

    “It brings to mind soft summer night breezes in Southern Spain or California.

    “It’s not a perfume anyone could hate, rather it is safe, has wide appeal and is not a perfume for a risk-taker.

    “It is very much of its time and would never dominate a room or draw too much attention to its wearer.”

    Meghan also loves a Jo Malone branded fragrance, with Meghan’s preference being the 2014 composition Wood Sage and Sea Salt, authored by Christine Nagel.

    Rob explained: “Once again a unisex composition, this fragrance is salty and clean, evoking an ocean breeze.

    “A touch of grapefruit is the citrus note here, with sage adding to the dry, crisp, almost savoury feeling of the scent.

    “Once again, this is a fragrance which could offend almost nobody.

    “Its wearer seems classic, inoffensive, safe and careful.

    “Their scent will not leave a powerful trail and won’t offend anyone.”

    Although Kate and Meghan have often been pitted against each other and have different personalities, their taste in fragrances are similar.

    Rob concluded: “Their choices stand in stark contrast to the Queen and Diana whose perfumes are bold, extremely confident, sexy and downright royal.”


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