Savvy shopper shares best time to shop for yellow sticker labels – ‘all of this for £4’


    Yellow sticker labels are a way of alerting shoppers to food which has been reduced in price. This is typically when it is approaching its sell by date and is significantly discounted to avoid it going to waste. 

    One person said: “If you had gone even later, around 20 minutes before closing, this food may have been discounted even more!”

    Another commented: “What a find, you could even freeze those ready meals for the future.”

    The savvy shopper replied: “They’re already in the freezer with the bread, we will take it out as and when needed.”

    Some food stores also put yellow sticker labels on items throughout the day, but in the evening is generally when shoppers can make the biggest savings. 

    Sharing on the same Facebook group, another savvy shopper shared her bargains from Marks and Spencer.

    The woman wrote: “Well, I just thought I’d show you all, I made a meal for four of us from my M&S yellow sticker label bargains.

    “It came to £3.25 in total, so only 81p per person, bargain.”

    The shopper shared a photo of the foods she managed to pick up which included herby new potatoes, garlic mushrooms, tomato and chorizo chicken as well as chicken fettuccine. 

    Taking to the comments, one person said: “What time do they make reductions?”

    The woman explained that the store she visits tends to discount some items at around 5pm.

    Another wrote: “I got the Co-op meal deal, two pizzas and cola for £5. Also got a reduced salmon salad and a reduced chicken pasta as well as blueberries.

    “I managed to save £5 and the food is perfect, yellow sticker deals are the best.”

    Too Good To Go bags have also become increasingly popular with customers able to pick up a bag of food for around £3 from various different retailers.

    Instead of the food going to waste, stores such as Costa, Starbucks and Morrisons allow shoppers to pick up the bag of food at a specific time in the day.

    Shoppers can use the Too Good To Go app to find out which retailers near them offer the service.


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