Shaun Ryder in sweary outburst as he brands Home Secretary a 'k**b'


    During Piers Morgan’s latest TalkTV show Uncensored, the host spoke with Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder about the idea of making cannabis a class-A drug. However, just minutes into the chat, Shaun boldly called out the government’s potential plan, telling Piers it was “draconian”.

    “I’m gonna be quite controversial here, Piers, and call the Home Secretary a k**b,” Shaun began.

    “Because draconian rules…you know to class-A, what is that going to achieve?

    “It is ridiculous, it is draconian, and I really thought whatever happens in America, whether it’s 10 years, 20 years, it happens here, and we should be taxing it and we should be making money off it.

    “We need to go forward and we’re going backwards, we need to try something that hasn’t been tried before.”

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    Discussing his own experience smoking cannabis, the singer added: “I mean, I smoked it 17 years ago.

    “One morning, lit up a joint, the usual thing and I got para [paranoid].

    “I had another go and got para and I didn’t smoke it again, and that’s the same with all my mates.

    “When you start getting para, you stop smoking it.”


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