Shed conversion: Top tips for turning your dull garden shed into a beautiful summer house


    Searches for “shed conversions” increased by a staggering 284 percent between April and May, while searches for “summer house conversions” also increased by 112 percent. So why not turn your old garden shed into a stunning summer house for everyone to enjoy over the warmer months? Managing director at Insulation4Less Johnpaul Manning has shared what Britons should consider for their own shed to summer house conversion.

    Add weather stripping to windows and use sealing foam to keep water out.

    You can also add a door draft blocker at the bottom of the door to keep out cool draughts and bugs.

    When you’re shopping around for insulation and weatherproofing options, make sure you choose good quality options that will help maintain your shed’s condition.

    Moisture and mould can impact the structure of your summer house so make sure to check for it regularly.

    Seal any gaps with caulk or wooden splines and make sure to apply a coat of weatherproof paint to the exterior.

    Paints come in a wide range of colours so you can choose something that suits your style.

    Add power

    Sheds don’t generally connect to the home power supply but a summer house with power could be a game-changer.

    A power supply will allow you to add light, heating or install a music system.

    Herringbone flooring is very popular at the moment, which, mixed with a jute or woven rug can look very on-trend.

    You need to make sure your summerhouse is completely weatherproof before you put any flooring down.

    New doors

    Shed doors are usually wooden and unattractive so it’s worth shelling out for a new one which could add style and light.

    Bi-fold and French doors can add natural light and will allow air to flow in when they’re open.

    You just need to make sure your doors are weatherproof to stand up to the British weather.


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