Significance Of The Molon Labe Flag

    Molon Labe Flag
    Molon Labe Flag

    The phrase “Molon Labe” was attributed to Sparta’s King Leonidas, which means “come and take them.” These two words verbalize two concepts that have existed for nearly two thousand years: they represent the heart of a warrior and humanity’s indomitable spirit. The Molon Labe Flag is known in Greek as the Moapa.

    The phrase represents a never-quit attitude that characterizes the US Armed Forces. Militias used it between the 1990s and early 2000s. Molon Labe has long inspired second amendment enthusiasts due to its roots in ancient Greek history.


    There is no doubt that the well-known Molon Labe phrase came from the Spartan hero King Leonides; however, there is a little controversy in some circles. He issued this command in response to Xerxes’ demand for the Spartans to surrender their weapons. Several historical accounts indicate that this occurred during the battle of Thermopylae between the Greeks and the Persians.

    In 1778 in Georgia, the phrase “come and take them” was used during the Revolutionary War at Fort Morris. Later, it became a common slogan during the Texas Revolution at the Battle of Gonzales in 1835.

    In the United States, “Molon Labe” and “Come and Take Them” phrases indicate strong support for gun rights and opposition to restrictions on guns.


    Spartans are a fitting symbol for patriots as historically romanticized warriors because of their bravery and courage.

    Americans are drawn to Greek history because they share a European heritage and ancestors with the Greeks. By hoisting the “Come and Take Them” flag, Americans show their support for the Greek ideal of freedom and democracy.

    As a symbol of resistance and reassurance to America’s enemies, the flag reminds them that if anyone tries to attack the country, they will meet stiff resistance from patriotic Americans.


    American citizens still hold the slogan Molon Labe in high esteem. The slogan first appeared on the internet in the 1990s and is now seen on everything from flags to jewelry, clothing, as well as bottle openers. It is not uncommon for Americans to get Molon Labe tattoos as a way to show their American pride. You can even find memorabilia sporting the design.

    Of course, the meaning of the phrase has changed over the years. For example, a football team with the slogan “Molon Labe” written on their helmet straps has the same intention as it was in history. Additionally, it is unclear whether the colonists in Texas were familiar with this slogan from ancient Greece or if the Gonzales flag’s similarity to the Greek slogan was a coincidence.


    You can fly a Molon Labe flag regardless of whether you are of Greek descent or not to support America’s founding ideals of liberty and democracy. It also represents that whoever attempts to attack America will face strong resistance that can break their strength and confidence.

    It makes sense to say “come and get them,” especially in a military context. That is why “Molon Labe” remains a famous saying even after centuries.

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