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Simulated Reality League – how to bet on a virtual version

Simulated Reality League
Simulated Reality League

Today all the cricket fans can bet not only on IPL and other famous leagues but also on its virtual version. The game is now available for smartphone owners and for professional gamblers. But in the betting line there you will see only the PRO events. Here in Simulated Reality League, all the actions are reproduced as accurately as possible so the bettors and the cricket fans can enjoy the real game. It can be a great alternative to betting on the Indian Premier League with real players and teams. In the virtual version, you will see all the famous players and teams.

But before start betting on the simulated IPL league you need to learn all the main differences between this format and the factors that can affect the match outcome. In the Simulated Reality League, all the cricket fans will see all the famous players and teams. So now you don’t need to wait for the start of the IPL pr another popular league because the simulated games can be played every day. So there are will be lots of interesting events available for betting with a really wide line and great odds.

Important information about the Simulated Reality League

Betting on the simulated reality league has its own peculiarities and advantages that should be noticed by every bettor. The main advantages of this form are:

  • ease of forecasting;
  • guaranteed entry of all players on the field;
  • less number of the factors that can impact the match’s outcomes!

Also in this form of betting, you don’t need to analyze all the player’s forms and motivations. There is will be only one person who will play for all the cricketers. So the factors like mood and the injury existence wouldn’t be so important because you need to know only the information about the virtual cricket player experience. He doesn’t need to be in a good form but at the same time, he should use some effective strategy. Also for your results in cricket betting is to have some proven strategy. For some bettors, this form of cricket competition is the safest and most profitable.

How are the SRL works? It’s based on the data of the last 500 games of the TOP-rated teams and players. Also because of this, all the SRL matches are so realistic and you can see the serious fight for a win. All the players here are the virtual version of the real cricketers with the information about their current form, experience and statistics. But all the results here depend on the actions and decisions of one player who even shouldn’t be a professional cricketer because all the match results will be generated by the built-in random number generator. So it will be the real match but on the virtual field and with the copies of players.

Because of the high realism of the Simulated Reality League, all the bettors in the sportsbook lines will be available for prematch and live bets. For sure really the best choice for the virtual version will be the LIVE bets because during the game you can catch the high odds. But remember that the matches here are much shorter than in a real cricket league.

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