'Situations change': Caravan park owner says £1,000 price increases were ‘misconstrued’



    Caravan owners at the Lyons Winkups Holiday Park in Towyn, North Wales, said they were seeing rises in price from £4,400 to just under £5,550. Some residents said they could not afford the new price and complained to the company about it.

    “To our knowledge, no other holiday park in the area offered this package.

    “While we’re glad we offered this, we now feel like the situation has backfired as it’s because of this goodwill gesture offered in 2021 that 2022’s figures appear to have been hiked when in fact, they are only in line with what they should be.

    “Annually increasing site fees is common in the holiday park industry, and comes as no surprise to the vast majority of owners at any park across the country.

    “Lyons Winkups’ site fees happen to be among the lowest in Towyn, with our primary competitor who offers like-for-like facilities, benefits, and location currently charging between £1,000 and £3,000 more for a standard base, and unlike us, with no utilities or rates included.”

    According to North Wales Live, caravan owners at a neighbouring site in Prestatyn claimed their fees have increased, with some seeing a rise of up to £800.

    Mr Mound continued, saying: “We understand that situations change, along with family’s needs and understand that owning a holiday home for some isn’t always ‘for life.’

    “This is why we like to make it as easy to leave our parks as it is to join.

    “The figures we charge for disconnection and re-siting are not for profit – it does simply cost £600 to execute this process which involves gas and electric disconnection, contractors, drivers, and in some cases, storage.

    “We also appreciate Darren Miller AM’s response, and we wholeheartedly agree that Lyons Holiday Parks is one of many great holiday parks in the UK.

    “We’re also delighted to concur that we have heavily invested in our park’s facilities over the past few years, which includes a state-of-the-art complex, show bar and cabaret club, as well as the Splash Zone, play park, and well-known amusement arcades in recent years.

    “We were disheartened to hear that a very small minority of owners felt like they had ‘no warning’ about this increase. As ever, we issued the site fee letters in September, allowing over three months’ notice.

    “There’s also an additional £300 off site fees as an ‘early bird’ option, as well as plenty of payment plan options and support to help take care of site fees in the form of our Lyons sublet service.”


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