Skateboard Elements Guide For Heavier Riders


    Skateboarding is always a choice, regardless of your height, build, or level of adiposity. You generally need a somewhat different setup if you weigh more than 230 pounds. Don’t worry; this article will assist you. You only need a little more giant board, high-quality trucks, and weight-bearing bushings.

    The following parts composite an ideal Big Guys Skateboard:

    • A larger deck measuring 8.5 inches broad
    • Tougher bushings that can withstand your weight without breaking
    • Dependable trucks that can withstand shocks

    This post will delve a little more into the nitty gritty of these components.

    Heavy Skateboarders’ Deck:

    No single skateboard deck works best for larger skaters; it depends on the configuration. However, most complete skateboards aren’t made for tall or heavyweight riders. The excessive softness of the bushings is the primary cause of this.

    Nowadays, 8.0′′/8.25′′ decks are standard, but if you’re a big rider, you want to have something robust. The greatest option for big skateboarders or heavier riders is an 8.5′′ or 8.25′′deck.

    Do you break decks biweekly or more frequently than is healthy for your bank account? Choose a reinforced deck. A few alternatives are available to you, but they can be expensive. Many of them contain an extra layer of fiberglass to accommodate more weight. There are a few benefits to this but also some unfavorable side effects. Once fiberglass begins to wear, it may irritate the skin. It is unpleasant when splinters penetrate your skin.

    Heavy Skateboarders’ Wheels:

    The classics and full conical wheels are the best for anything, especially for big riders. If you choose the 99A wheels, they work well in bowls, parks, and streets.

    Do you ride in bowls? If you want a softer ride and better traction, use 97A or 99A 56mm Full Conical wheels. They can take a blow and feature a big contact patch for added stability. In search of street and park wheels? Select the 99A 53-54 mm model. They are the ideal wheels you can purchase and won’t disappoint you.

    Harder Bushings:

    In most situations, stock bushings work correctly. Your Big Guys Skateboard and its bushing set should support your weight when you are a little heavier. Even if you secured your trucks to the absolute maximum, the standard polyurethane might become broken if it experiences many collisions or feels excessively loose. These stiffer bushings are fantastic since you don’t always need to adjust them. Most skateboard trucks can accommodate them.

    Heavy Skateboarders’ Trucks:

    Cheap trucks won’t hold up very long, particularly if you weigh a little more than the typical skater. Hence, go for reputed brands that offer quality trucks. Ensure to replace the bushings if they don’t feel secure, but break them in first to be sure.

    Final Thoughts:

    Skateboarders who are heavier than average should pay close attention to the technology, quality, and toughness of the bushings and decks. You only experience one disadvantage over lighter riders: gravity. You fall harder the heavier you are. Think about donning some impact-resistant protection gear if you’re starting. A heavy slam may end your skating career or, at the very least, a few weeks spent on the bench.

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