Home Life & Style 'Snatched away from me' Billy Connolly issues heartbreaking update on Parkinson's disease

'Snatched away from me' Billy Connolly issues heartbreaking update on Parkinson's disease


Billy Connolly has issued a heartbreaking update on his Parkinson’s disease, revealing it has heavily impacted his ability to play musical instruments.

The 78-year-old comedy star has spoken frankly about his condition, and recently said that his Parkinson’s disease makes his hands shake so much that his handwriting is illegible.

The Scottish entertainer was speaking on Radio 4 this morning, and said: “I love the banjo, I can’t play it anymore which is a shame”.

Asked whether this was because of his Parkinson’s he said: “Yes, it has knackered by banjo playing, and guitar, and everything else.”

He added: “I can’t yodel – snatched away from me.”

Mr Connolly recalled he first learnt he had the condition, after someone came up to him at a hotel.

He said he left the hotel to go to a store, and on the way back, he tripped on the pavement.

He added: “I got into the lobby of the hotel, and there was a crowd of people, young people with an older guy.” When the older person asked for a word, Mr Connolly was intrigued.

The man said: “I have been watching you come in and out, and you have the gait of a person with Parkinson’s, I would see my doctor if I was you.”

The comedian recalled that the man was a Parkinson’s specialist.

“The rest is history,” the comedian added.

He said: “I thought I was walking perfectly normally, as I still do, but I was wobbling,”. He explained he goes to the gym on a fairly regular basis, which “makes me walk better”.


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