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Stretching in the Comfort of Your Home | Everything You Need to Exercise


Stretching exercises are necessary for our bodies for many reasons. This kind of sports activity teaches flexibility and plasticity, helps to sit on the splits, relaxes the muscles after intense strength training, and returns beauty to the posture. Stretching classes are offered at many gyms, but if you decide to master it all on your own, here’s what you need for a workout.

A Fitness Mat

Most of the exercises in stretching are done in a lying or sitting position. In many ways, a good fitness mat is the key to your stretching success. In order for you not to feel all the unevenness of the floor with your body, the mat should be quite dense. At the same time, a mat made of quality material is easy to roll out on the surface, as if sticking to it, and does not curl up during exercise. A big plus is that some manufacturers offer mats that are not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.

Elastic Bands

Tapes for effective stretching are used by ballerinas and gymnasts. This shock absorber will help provide the necessary foot tension needed for stretching exercises. Elastic bands are very compact, so they are easy to integrate into home and outdoor workouts. When choosing tapes, you need to pay attention to the material they are made of. Latex is considered the most durable. Choose a length of at least 1.2 meters, such tapes will stretch better. A good option is to buy a set of latex tapes with different tensile strength.

Massage Equipment

Muscle pain after stretching can cause you to postpone your next workout indefinitely. You can reduce the pain with a massage. A percussion massager will relieve discomfort in the body after active stretching and prepare the muscles for more challenging exercises. And an acupuncture mat is convenient to use at the end of stretching. Needle applicators will increase blood circulation in the necessary part of the body and help it recover.

Moisturizer With Aromatherapy

During stretching exercises, not only the right technique is important but also the overall mindset. To perform an effective workout, you need to relax as much as possible and watch your breathing. A home humidifier will make the exercise space more comfortable. If you choose a humidifier with the function of adding essential oils, you can combine stretching and aromatherapy. Such a device is great in any activity you need to relax, even if you want to gamble with a Woo Casino login or just watch a movie with your beloved ones.

Mistakes for Beginners

Home stretching is amazing for beginners. But since there is no coach, there are risks of mistakes. Here are the most significant ones:

  • Non-intensive warm-up. Before you start stretching, you need to warm up your muscles. On average, the warm-up takes about 15-20 minutes. A good aerobic workout will prepare your muscles for the following exercises, make them softer and more elastic and reduce pain levels.
  • Expecting “feats” in every class. If you increase the load and cope with it, do more than you did before, but you can’t repeat the “success” at the next class, that’s okay. We are not robots, which means we are all subject to environmental influences, emotional and hormonal background, weather conditions, diet, schedule changes, lack of sleep and many other factors. These are the factors that determine how you will feel and do stretching on a particular day.
  • Abrupt movements. When stretching, you need to do all the exercises slowly and smoothly. Since during this process micro tears are formed in the muscle fibers, in a properly built training program, the muscles recover quickly and become more elastic with each time. Any sudden movement can lead to tearing or rupture of ligaments.
  • Stretching for damaged muscles. It is unacceptable to start exercising before the body has fully recovered from recent fractures and other injuries.
  • Bent knees. It is imperative that you make sure your knees are straight. Otherwise, there is a chance to provoke a tear of the meniscus of the knee joint, the cartilage formations that bear all the load associated with upright walking. As a rule, when the meniscus is damaged, other components of the knee joint are also injured. Treatment of this injury requires surgery.
  • Stagnation. Each workout should be done with the desire to reach your maximum at this time. If you have already learned how to do an exercise and are doing it with ease, it’s time to move on. Explore your body’s capabilities, try to do at least a little more than what you did before, but don’t forget to be careful.
  • Overdoing the norm. Enthusiasm is fine, but don’t overdo it! You shouldn’t stress your body just because you want to sit on the splits in 5 classes. Stretch the muscles gradually. It’s enough to do two or three times a week, so they can recover. For the same reason it is better not to do any exercises at home in between workouts.
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