Suella Braverman resignation row quashed by readers – ‘just let her do the job!’


    Home Secretary Suella Braverman should not resign, a new poll of readers has found. Ms Braverman’s political career is under pressure again, just weeks after she was forced to resign from former Prime Minister Liz Truss’ Government after admitting to sending an official document from her personal email address to her close ally, Tory MP Sir John Hayes.

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak chose to reappoint Ms Braverman, and Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove told Sky News that she was a “first-rate, front-rank politician” who deserved her position back in Cabinet.

    She has since come under fire, however, for breaking security protocols six times during her first stint as Home Secretary and also for her handling of asylum seekers arriving on British shores.

    Ms Braverman wrote to Commons Home Affairs Select Committee’s chairwoman, Dame Diana Johnson, on Monday, October 31, detailing the timetable of events leading up to her resignation.

    She admitted to breaching the ministerial code by using her personal email on October 19 for official business. A Home Office review of her communications also showed that she had sent official documents on six occasions between September 6 and October 19, but she insisted they were not shared outside the Government.

    The Home Secretary has also faced calls to resign over her handling of the migrant crisis and detainment of asylum seekers in overcrowded processing centres.

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    On Monday, October 31, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper questioned Ms Braverman in the House of Commons over her handling of migrants.

    She claimed that Ms Braverman was knowingly “breaking the law” and claimed there had been “a failure to make decisions” in the crisis.

    But the Home Secretary insisted that she had “never ignored legal advice” or blocked people being sent from processing centres to hotels. She added that illegal migration was “out of control” and said there was an “invasion” of small boats on the south coast.

    Ms Braverman has previously supported the Rwanda policy to deport Channel migrants to east Africa, saying it is her “dream” to see the first flight take off.

    After all of this, in a poll that ran from 2:30pm on Tuesday, November 1, to 2:30pm on Wednesday, November 3, asked readers: “Should Suella Braverman resign as Home Secretary?”

    A total of 15,412  people reponded with the overall result being “no” Ms Braverman should not resign, gaining 84 percent (12,904 people) of votes cast.

    Meanwhile, 16 percent (2,445 people) said “yes” in favour of Ms Braverman resigning and 62 people said they did not know.

    In the thousands of comments left below the accompanying article readers took part in a lively debate on the future of Ms Braverman’s political career.

    However, some politicians have called for Ms Braverman to resign for a second time over her actions which breached security protocols.

    Liberal Democrat chief whip Wendy Chamberlain said that Ms Braverman’s actions were on an “industrial scale” and that she “must resign now”.

    And former Home Office minister, Norman Baker, also accused Ms Braverman of being a “serial offender” who should be removed from her position, claiming she was on her way to not being “trusted by the security service” anymore.

    However, Downing Street has said that “clearly there was an error of judgement and she has taken responsibility”. They added that Mr Sunak has “full confidence” in Ms Braverman.


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