The Most Helpful Modern Methods of Teaching in 2022

    We are used to traditional teaching methods, where the teacher speaks and the students listen and repeat. But to educate a thinking society, we need modern ways of teaching. That is, we will talk about active and interactive teaching methods. What are their features and what are they?

    Features of Modern Teaching Methods

    There are several principles of modern teaching:

    • The use of contact of the teacher and the student.
    • The presence of measurable indicators of the effectiveness of learning.
    • The possibility of adapting methods to the purpose of teaching.
    • Consistency of introduction of new teaching tools.
    • The possibility of differentiation and individualization of learning for different students.
    • Use of new technologies in teaching.

    Modern Teaching Techniques

    Lectures, Using Information Technology

    Everybody has already gotten used to lectures, where a teacher reads educational material and students write it down. Moreover, this format simply does not work for students who have literally grown up in a multimedia environment. Presentations, films, electronic textbooks, and tablets can be used to attract their attention as part of lectures.


    There is a “facilitator” in training. This person gives the assignments and immerses the students in the process. During a training session, the practical, not the theoretical, side of learning comes to the forefront. Thus, students learn specific processes at once, study the issue from different angles, and see their participation clearly.


    The student approaches a more experienced professional in a targeted way, that is, with a specific problem. For example, a student takes a couple of consultations from a gambling expert to find out new ways of hitting a jackpot at PlayAmo. However, this method can not be applied in every area.


    The method is somewhat similar to training, but the activity of the “master” (the coach) is usually directed at one specific student. That is, the work is done individually, and one coach may have several students. Therefore, the coach has to be much more experienced and educated than the person he or she is coaching.

    Case Study

    This method is based on the analysis of concrete situations (that have already happened or are already possible) in the field of activity that is being studied. During case study, students examine, study, analyze the situation, and the task is often to find ways out of the problem situation. However, the limitation of this method is that its application is possible only if students have at least a basic level of knowledge in the field of study.

    Work by Example

    In this technique, the facilitator demonstrates an example of behavior in a chosen situation, and then the students reproduce and practice the behavior. This allows them to acquire specific patterns of behavior in certain situations. However, a limitation of this method is the fact that the trainer’s personality strongly influences the process, which can lead to behaviors that are not entirely objective.

    Studying Together

    Students in the group are divided into pairs (randomly or otherwise), with each side being an equal part. This format allows for constant feedback, a sense of responsibility, and development of communication skills. But difficulties may arise in using this method, either because of the personal characteristics of the participants or because of different levels of preparedness.

    Role Playing

    In this format, students are assigned certain roles appropriate to the subject matter they are studying. Role-plays increase students’ motivation, develop their ability to reflect on the subject matter, and increase their understanding of what the “players” do in real life.


    The method is similar to the previous one. However, the roles here are rotated, that is, they change. As a result, students are immersed in the problem, evaluating it from completely different angles.


    This method involves solving a problem by searching for ideas in a small group of people. An important condition of brainstorming is to voice all ideas, even if they seem silly and irrelevant, because with teamwork this can lead to a good solution.

    Discussions and Debates

    The method is a bit like brainstorming, but with a different framework – inappropriate ideas are discarded immediately. But this method is more concrete, which makes it easier to come to a common solution.


    Exchanges are the most costly method because they require sending the student to a different place of study (e.g., another city or another country) for a period of time. Being in a different environment automatically leads to new ideas and a new perspective on current problems. And for language learning, immersion in the environment is a must.

    Remember that introducing each new method of teaching is a certain stress for students, so it’s worth doing it gradually and measuredly, explaining the rationale for using each new method in your learning activities.

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