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The Symbolism of the ideal Gift

ideal Gift
ideal Gift

Gift-giving isn’t an easy task for most of us. There is a lot of stress associated with the tradition of finding the perfect gift during the busy holiday season. But why are we so frustrated with this seemingly simple task?

There are so many factors that can influence this decision. We fear that our loved ones will misunderstand what we’re trying to say. By making the dynamics clear, we can defeat this monster that chooses gifts.

Our personalized gifts are often wrapped in symbolic meaning, but sometimes we overthink them. Especially in complicated, conflicted relationships, gifts are no longer just gifts.

 A present can be both a gesture of peace, as well as a sign of indifference, dislike, or anger. A person with a negative stereotype of the gift giver may interpret an expensive gift as an attempt to show off or buy love. Getting it right can be tricky!

Stress is caused by trying to predict how someone will receive our gift and trying to get inside their head.

Empathy is a necessary trait for psychological well-being. Nevertheless, empathetic people cannot read thoughts, and thus, our gifts can appear insincere. Instead of obsessing about the symbolic meaning behind our gifts, we should focus on the nice gestures. There are a couple of blogs that can help with.

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