'They're locked in!' Brexit-backing Lord says Eurosceptic member states are stuck in EU


    Lord Moylan, 65, has said many Eurosceptic members of the European Union are unable to sever ties with Brussels. Speaking to GB News’ Mark Dolan, the former adviser to Boris Johnson took a step away from Nigel Farage’s belief the EU project is crumbling.

    During his own GB News show, the ex-UKIP and Brexit Party leader has claimed Denmark is the most likely nation to join the UK by restoring itself as a self-governing and independent nation.

    When asked by Mr Dolan if the UK would be the “exclusive evacuee” from the EU, Lord Moylan said: “I can’t easily think of any countries that are going to leave the European Union.”

    The 65-year-old added: “Even those that are most antagonistic towards it and its values – like Hungary – are desperately dependent on the finance.

    Unlike the United Kingdom, Hungary is not a net contributor to the EU.

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    According to UK Government data, Britain paid a whopping £18.9billion in gross contributions to Brussels in 2019 – around £350million per week.

    But Lord Moylan suggested it is not just economics that deters otherwise Eurosceptic countries from taking back control.

    “There are other countries which simply have nowhere else to go,” he said.

    “Some of those countries, like Poland, might find the EU very irksome but on reflection it’s probably a great deal better from being cut adrift next door to the Russians.”

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    However, the member of the upper house couldn’t resist hitting French President Emmanuel Macron with a thinly veiled dig.

    He argued: “The two countries that tend to drive the European Union, France and Germany, don’t have any leadership.

    “Macron is a sort of slightly bizarre character who is facing elections in a few months time and Mrs Merkel is literally having her retirement parties.”


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