This is who YOU want to take over as PM: ‘Only one who can save us!’


    Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been voted as readers’ favourite candidate to take over if Liz Truss’ premiership ends, a new poll has found. Ms Truss is fighting for survival after less than two months in Number 10, battling to save the economy after former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget and fighting a growing Tory rebellion calling for her resignation.

    In a poll that ran from 9am on Tuesday, October 18, to 1pm on Wednesday, October 19, asked readers: “Who should take over as next Prime Minister if Liz Truss goes?”

    In total, 6,200 votes were cast with the most popular successor for Ms Truss being former Prime Minister Mr Johnson, gaining the support of 53 percent of readers (3,300 people).

    The next most popular candidate was Rishi Sunak – who lost out to Ms Truss in the leadership contest – winning the backing of 11 percent (698 people) of voters.

    This was followed by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace with 11 percent (666 people) and Penny Mordaunt with 10 percent (644 people).

    The recently resigned Home Secretary Suella Braverman received eight percent (482 people) of votes cast, while newly-appointed Chancellor Jeremy Hunt recieved two percent (140 people).

    Former Chancellor Mr Kwarteng also received the backing of two percent of voters (94 people) and a further three percent (176 people) said they did not know.

    In the comments below the accompanying article, hundreds of readers shared their thoughts on who should take over as Prime Minister if Ms Truss’ premiership were to end.

    The majority of readers commented that Mr Johnson should return to Number 10, with username Alanshrewsbury writing: “There is only one man, and that is Boris.”

    Username virginiapinkn said: “Has to be Boris. The only man with the backbone and confidence to steer us through the chaos.”

    Another, username pessimisticmiss, wrote: “Boris – of course!! He should never have been forced out. Whatever mistakes he made he was a good Prime Minister and a true leader. He did the job, was determined, had grit and guts and was well respected throughout the world.”

    While username Xpd said: “If the Tory Party wants to save itself and the country it has to be Boris. He is the only one who can claim that as it was he that won the last election he has the mandate to see out the Government’s term of office.”

    And username bunnyboy wrote: “Please, please Boris come back and sort this mess out, you are the only one who can save us now.”


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    Mr Hunt was appointed Chancellor on Friday, October 14, in a bid to stabilise the economy. He urged MPs to back the Prime Minister telling Sky News that Ms Truss would still be Britain’s leader at Christmas.

    Other readers argued that a general election should be called to determine the next Prime Minister, with username GeorgeHamiltonBelfast writing: “We need a general election. This is madness, it has to stop.”

    Likewise, username BB2 said: “The next Prime Minster should be elected by a general election.

    And username gunnar wrote: “Call a general election, Tories has done enough damage to the economy and international reputation. The UK is now a laughingstock.”


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