Thousands of Rejoiners march on London claiming 'You've wrecked our economy'


    Thousands of protesters have marched on Parliament Square in London calling for Britain to rejoin the European Union, shouting, “You can shove your Brexit up your a***”. Several activists spoke to, including one of the co-organisers, who claimed it would be “patriotic” to reverse the Brexit vote. According to the Rejoin website, the march “aims to bring pro-Europeans together to say that we want the UK to rejoin the European Union”. A police officer at the rally said roughly 15,000 protesters have turned up to call for Britain to become part of the EU again, but one of the organisers suggested the number of attendees was closer to 35,000. 

    March co-organiser Peter Corr told “It’s patriotic to want to rejoin the EU.”

    Dave Robinson, 76, from Kirkby Malzeard, North Yorkshire, said: “We need to rejoin the Customs Union and single market to restore our economy. We certainly need proportional representation. It’s the Tories’ overwhelming majority that has led us into this mess.”

    Steve Bray, who has been protesting in Westminster continually since 2019, told “Brexit got the UK done. Brexit has wrecked our economy. Our economy is behind the rest of the G7. We need a general election now.”

    Asked how Britain could be taken back into the EU, Mr Bray said: “We should negotiate a deal, get the Customs Union back, the single market, and progress from there.”

    He claimed that if a referendum on rejoining were held today, it would result in 60 percent in favour of Britons rejoining. 

    Mr Bray said: “There are those that voted to leave who would say we will fight to the death to stay out. That’s the extreme.

    “But we’re not going to rejoin while we have a Tory government. We need to sort out our politics first.”

    Kate White, 56, from Suffolk, said: “[Brexit supporters] say we’ve got our sovereignty back, but they can’t tell me we’re richer because of it. I can tell you what we’ve lost. Freedom of movement. Jumping on the Eurostar without getting your passport stamped. It’s little things but they all add up. There was a case for reforming the EU.  

    “We’re going to have to rejoin the single market but we won’t have a say over the rules anymore. We had the best deal.”

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    The protesters, according to their website, planned to meet in Park Lane at midday before beginning the march on Westminster at 1pm. As they set off, the crowds were chanting “bollocks to Brexit” while holding a banner that read “We want our star back”.  

    They will arrive in Parliament Square for 2.30pm before proceeding with their rally at 3pm. The march is the first major national pro-European march since 2019. The current Conservavtive Government, while embroiled in another leadership contest, has made no suggestion that another referendum will take place. 

    But some Britons have been left infuriated by the protests, with some questioning the democratic legitimacy of calling for the UK to rejoin the EU when the electorate has already voted to leave. 

    One Twitter user described the participatnts as “sad, anti democracy protesters”, while a woman passying by the march shouted: “It’s done and dusted. Get over it.” 

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