Thunder fever warning: Common symptoms to look out for – thunderstorms to hit UK this week


    British hayfever sufferers are being warned to look after themselves over the next few days as a storm is brewing that will cause dramatically worse hayfever symptoms. Experts are dubbing the reaction ‘thunder fever’ and it’s going to be particularly bad this weekend. chatted to airborne allergens expert and creator of HayMax allergen barrier balm, Max Wiseberg to find out the common thunder fever symptoms to watch out for this weekend.

    With thunderstorms predicted for this weekend, including two yellow warnings, hayfever sufferers better get prepared for worse symptoms.

    The recent heatwave has meant high and very high pollen counts until the last couple of days, so hayfever symptoms are already pretty severe.

    Now, a storm is coming to make these horrible symptoms even worse.

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    When thunder fever strikes, you can treat the symptoms in the same way you would hayfever.

    Mr Wiseberg recommends putting together your own hay fever first aid kit.

    He said: “This consists of one or more natural products such as HayMax, one antihistamine such as Piriteze, one nasal spray such as Beconase and eye drops such as Optrex.

    “The interesting thing about this is that many of these remedies can be complementary to each other.

    “So if one helps, but doesn’t do the whole job, you may be able to try other remedies at the same time and get a better result.”

    Don’t go too crazy with the remedies though! There are three simple rules to follow.

    Mr Wiseberg warned: “Never take two antihistamines together and never take two steroid nasal sprays together.

    “Always consult your pharmacist or doctor if you are already taking any other medication.”


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